Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love spending "free" money!

Thanks to putting this semester's tuition on my credit card (and paying it off immediately), I built up a pretty good reward points balance. I cashed it out as a $75 Discover gift card, which I used to purchase two pairs of yoga pants and a pair of jeans from Old Navy. I also used two $5 Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks and the balance of the Discover gift card to purchase a set of 5-pound hand weights and a fan for Peanut's computer (it was a little more complicated than that, since Amazon won't let you do partial payments with credit cards, so I used our joint credit card (paid in full every month) to pay Amazon and will use the $12 balance of the gift card to buy groceries or whatever else we need for the apartment from a place that can handle different type of payment).
Before yesterday, I had one pair of yoga pants and one pair of jeans. I only wear jeans to work on Fridays, sometimes, and pretty much whenever I'm at home, I wear yoga pants. But I've been doing more yoga or dance classes lately wearing the yoga pants, which make them unpleasant to lounge in, and then I spilled salsa on my jeans and had to do laundry in my nice black work pants, so things were getting a little, um, bare around here. I didn't really want to go spend "real" money on more clothes, so getting them with rewards points was a nice bonus. But that's definitely enough clothing for a while.
I've been maintaining some radio silence because I've gone and done that thing again where I overextend myself by committing to more things than I can possibly hope to accomplish (see: events after work every night plus two or more events each weekend day--what happened to my promise to not make more than one weekend commitment?). As such, I've been really hard on myself because I'm always tired and cranky, short with Peanut, distracted at work, and unable to live up to my own expectations. I wish I would just learn to quit stressing myself out.
To that end, I've decided to ignore January goals and New Year's Resolutions for a few days and give myself a chance to get out from under the burden of Things I Must Do, realizing that actually, in point of fact, the world will not stop when I buy my lunch today, and neither will my future children's children be deprived because of that choice either. Once the next couple days of heavy commitments are out of the way, I can refocus on how I want to shape my life.


  1. i'm a lot like you, if my schedule isn't packed i panic, i'm slowly learning that it's perfectly OK to just mellow out and let life take me wherever

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  3. You should definitely try to get more "me" time. It's wonderful to not have any plans except the ones that are focused on you. It could be as simple as, tonight, I'm going to read a book or give myself a pedicure. It really gives you time to unwind, meditate on whats going on, without external hassles.

  4. I'm with you on the overcommitted... I kept trying not to be but it just happens! I'd love to hear some ideas on how you plan on de-scheduling yourself more

  5. I also put this semester's tuition on my credit card and immediately paid it off. I am getting miles.


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