Sunday, January 31, 2010

January spending recap

Misc Income: $9 (Pinecone payments)
General savings $525 (the future fund, the sunny beach vacation fund, travel and gifts sinking funds)
Retirement $295.40 pre tax (company matches that)

Cell phone $77.65
Charity $100 (to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti, and my company matched that)
Clothes $0 of "real" money, but about $60 on a gift card that came from credit card rewards points
Entertainment $7.21 (I actually spent $47.21, but the joint account reimbursed me $40 for previous Paperbackswap purchases)
Food—dining out $154.66
Food—groceries $214.92 (the numbers reversed! I spent more on groceries than eating out!)
Gifts $35
Household $111.62 (the annual premium for our renter's insurance* and some misc purchases)
Internet $16.93
Jewelry $24.99
Laundry $17.50
Personal $65.91 (miscellaneous purchases and laser hair removal tips)
Rent $687.50
School $2009
Utilities $41.78

Total spending: $3,631.67

Networth updated (see sidebar). Despite contributions, my retirement accounts had no gain, and actually lost about $100 thanks to the stock market drop this month. Coupled with a $2,000 out of pocket payment for this semester, it was kind of a sucky month for my finances.

*If you don't have renter's insurance, GO GET IT RIGHT NOW. Seriously. It's fairly cheap--less than $100 per year for us in New York--and it's seriously important. It protects your stuff in case of theft, fire, water damage (in some cases) and other bizarre unexpected happenstances. It will cover a hotel if you can't stay in your apartment, and it provides emergency medical care if something happens to a guest in your home. My sister's insurance company covered her textbooks, which were stolen out of her locker at school--not even in her apartment! Next to an emergency fund (or maybe even before an emergency fund), renter's insurance is a MUST for your financial security.

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  1. Agreed on renter's insurance. We had it for 6 months before our fire, and they've put out thousands in cash to repair everything after the fire in our apartment building. I can't imagine if we had to take care of this ourselves!


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