Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spa Week Giveaway

Oooh, Spa Week, how I love you. As I've mentioned on here before, I love Spa Week.

Spa Week happens in cities across the U.S. twice a year, where spas discount certain services to just $50. This includes everything from hour-long massages to bikini waxes to facials, laser hair removal, mani-pedis, haircuts...pretty much everything you can think of. (Please tip on the full cost of the service!).

Anyway, Spa Week is hosting a sweepstakes--a winner in each of 28 cities will get a fabulous day at the spa package. I entered for the New York prize, which is a 30 minute ginger scrub, 60 minute European facial and 50 minute massage. Ahhhhhhhh.....I hope I win that! I feel relaxed just thinking about it. Take a look to see what's near you and enter to win! (At least if I don't win, the April Spa Week isn't too far away...)

This is NOT a sponsored post. They sent me a promotional email about this but have not paid me or given me anything to write this; I just happen to love Spa Week.

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  1. Haha, I actually signed up for Spa Week last year when you posted about it.

    I think they need to push it a little later in th year - I'm still trying to stick to my New Year's resolutions!


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