Monday, January 4, 2010


I will be so glad to be done with school, and not just because I won't be in classes anymore!
More stupidity from the financial aid office:
I've been calling them since last month regarding my bill and why it didn't list my scholarship and instead showed me owing the total amount of the semester in cash by January 8. I left messages but nothing on their end indicated that the office was closed (which I'd expect it to be, during winter break, but not before classes were even out for the fall semester!).
Finally I spoke with a real person today, who told me that the scholarship doesn't apply unless I'm taking at least two classes, and I'm only registered for one in the spring. This is mentioned NOWHERE in my documentation.
And the more irritating thing is that I don't NEED another class. I'm at 33 of 36 required credits, so this 3-credit class makes up the final requirement. Most people take two seminars to write their thesis; I plan to take one, which means that yes, I will be DONE in May. Are they really going to require me to register and pay for another class, just to get a scholarship that doesn't list this as a requirement?
And at any point were they intending on informing me of this?
Right now, I've asked for an official review of my transcript so that they'll at least apply half the scholarship when they determine that I do not in fact need any more classes. I don't know when that review will be final but probably in time to either make my payment for the semester late, thereby assessing me a fee OR after I've already paid to avoid that late fee, meaning there will be a credit on my account that I won't be able to get back until I have a diploma and fight them for it.
It would be easier to just register for another class and put the whole semester on loans. Which is probably exactly why they do it this way.
Oh, grad school. I cannot wait to bid you adieu.


  1. This seems to happen quite a lot in the Financial Aid Offices. When I lost my scholarship (got it back though!!) they sent me an EMAIL, which I happened to never receive thanks to their great filtering system. Not until I received the $23000 bill did I know what was up.
    Don't give up your fight. Onyl what is in print counts! Good luck!

  2. Sorry to hear about all your trouble :( Dealing with the financial department is always a pain. I can't count the number of times my fees invoices were cancelled and reissued and the numbers changed...the time I waited 20 minutes in queue, only to hear a "Hello" followed by a prompt hangup...the time I tried to explain that I would be forwarding my invoice to Scholarships, yet the admin person persisted in telling me I should pay my tuition fees immediately via student loan. WTF?

  3. I will be graduating this May and I will be happy to be done with school too!

  4. That is ridiculous -- I really hope it's corrected quickly!

    Personally, my double major is costing me $1000 in scholarships -- not a deal breaker (more importantly, not the larger portion of the scholarship), but a product of the school's bureaucracy.


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