Monday, February 15, 2010

Long weekend!

I had a productive but mostly relaxing long weekend.

I confirmed that I wouldn't bet getting tax paperwork for any of my side income because I didn't make more than $600 from any one place--at $600, the companies are required to send a 1099-MISC to the IRS and the independent contractor; at less than that, they likely still report those payments and I claim it regardless, but now I know I don't need to wait for any paperwork. My records show exactly what I earned, so I went ahead and e-filed with TurboTax. The Lifetime Learning Credit gets me a return of $1,300!!!!! It's either going in the student loan repayment fund, or the future fund.

This is by far the largest return I've ever received in my life, which is very cool. I have to pay $550 for state taxes (thanks to my IRA transition), and a little over $100 in TurboTax fees (I have to use Home & Business due to my Schedule Cs). I've been on hold with TurboTax for twenty minutes right now to get answers to a very confusing question--normally when you e-file you don't need to print and mail anything to the government, but for some reason I got a very stern, boldface warning that " Even though you e-filed, don't skip this paperwork. These are items required by the government to complete your return." Except when I go to print the paperwork, I get a summary with no forms and no address to which to send anything.TurboTax's community forums are worse than useless (all the answers by TurboTax "experts" say "The information is right there in your return blah blah" except it's not and I'm not the only person asking the question. Maybe if a real person ever answers I'll figure it out.

Their hold music sucks.

Also productive
Laundry, clean bathroom, menu planning and grocery shopping for the week, book club book read.

Lots of downtime to lounge about with Peanut, a trip to see The Lightning Thief (totally entertaining, but not the same story as the book), hour long massage and lunch with a friend, browsed through all the magazines I have lying around.

Peanut and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day in any traditional way. I might pick up some half price chocolates tonight when I go to dance class, but that's the extent of it.

I also got a nice surprise--my new birth control pills showed up today. I had to get a new doctor (my old one left my neighborhood and I wasn't willing to follow) and a new prescription (insurance company stopped covering my old brand-name prescription). Both ended up being great choices! The doctor is great, and even better, my prescription is now FREE. Yes, that's right--I went from paying $50 for three months of birth control (which would have gone up to $200+) to paying $0 for three months. Fabulous! I'm now on a preferred generic, so I guess that's the difference. I had no idea I could get free birth control!

And with that, it's time for dinner. I've been on hold with TurboTax for 34 minutes and counting.

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