Saturday, February 6, 2010

Productive Saturday!

Well, have *I* ever had a productive day!

So far today, I've transferred money to my Roth to max out my 2009 contributions and set up automatic contributions to max out my Roth for 2010. I changed passwords, updated all my trackers, backed everything up. And, most exciting, Peanut and I bought tickets to Costa Rica!

We're going to visit my brother next month, and I've been watching ticket prices for nearly two months. They haven't changed much, so we figured out a time that worked, and spent the money that we have been putting aside in the sunny beach vacation fund. The rest of our expenses should be minor--we'll stay with my brother and his girlfriend, just a five minute walk from the beach. I'm so excited!

The last thing on my list is to apply for ING's blogger contest.


  1. Jealous! Have fun in Costa Rica and take lots of photos!

  2. I got to spend 10 days in Costa Rica a few years ago and loved it. You will have so much fun! What part are you going to? I was lucky enough to get to see much of the country.

  3. It's great that you get to stay with your bro. That way your lodging and meals wouldn't add onto the ticket price. Hope you have fun!


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