Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to Earn More Money

I wish I had read this post at Her Every Cent Counts about six years ago.

Her point is that the easiest way to earn more when you're in your twenties is to ask for it--by telling yourself that while you may not have a mortgage or family right now, you should act as if you do, and don't accept a low salary just because you can get by on $35,000 today.

I made *exactly* that mistake when I was looking for my first job in New York in 2004. I tallied up my rent and grocery bills and figured out the bare minimum that I could get by on ($24,000)...and then I asked for that as the salary of the first job I got offered. When they came back with $3,000 more, I was overjoyed--I didn't even negotiate! When they replaced me two years later, they offered my replacement $35,000. THAT's how much I had talked myself down.

I think this is probably a problem that women face more than men. Peanut negotiated himself a cost of living increase when his company moved him. He didn't NEED the cost of living increase--his costs are pretty much the same no matter where he lives. But he was right that the company would pay it if he asked for it. So he did, and he got it.

Now, my recent raise is just to get me in line with the new title I got. I wouldn't have the guts to have asked for this much of a raise so soon after my big raise last summer. But I'm going to try to keep this post in mind when I go looking for my next job, and anytime I give anyone advice about their first job.

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  1. I always ask for slightly more than what I think I'm worth *but not a ridiculous amount, maybe 5-10k more*, and then I wait for them to talk me down & negotiate.


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