Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Money on my mind...

Well, I just paid out $2,000 for my LAST GRADUATE SCHOOL CLASS EVAR!!11!

I still have another $889 to pay but I broke it up into two payments to avoid going over my credit limit on my credit card. The first charge hit my card, so I just set up the payment from my school sinking fund and as soon as it clears I'll pay off the rest of the semester. I love putting tuition on my credit card and then paying it off immediately. Oh, sweet rewards points!

It did make me wonder, though, why after years and years with Discover, they've never raised my credit limit. Not that I really need it, aside from situations like this, but you know. I still wonder.

In much more awesome news, I got a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday. It came in the form of a check with several zeros on it from my dad--a gift to put towards the wedding. No strings attached.

This is very, very cool, and it gives me enough of a foundation to start a proper wedding budget--with what Peanut and I are contributing plus this, pretty much anything my mom contributes will be totally gravy. It also gives me a little more freedom to purchase some things that I might have otherwise skimped on or done myself (like putting together centerpieces, ugh). So. Wedding budget post will be forthcoming.


  1. My credit card (not a Discover) sometimes randomly raises my limit by $1k or so, but the only time it ever significantly increased was when I called and asked for more. They never adjusted my income from what it had been when I got the card (college internship level) to what it actually is ($70k+). This increased my limit by about $10k! Just an idea if you ever actually need a higher credit limit... (I wanted a higher one in case I got into any trouble on a vacation)

  2. I have found that Discover raises my credit limit when they want me to spend more money. I was rather surprised to see another increase a few weeks ago. I haven't been spending money on that card in a long time. I was still sitting within a couple hundred dollars of the limit though, and a higher limit has always worked to get me to spend more money in the past. Not this time, Discover, but thanks anyway!

  3. One of my cards has a 25K limit--and I never asked for an increase! I think it started out with either a 1K or 3K limit years ago! Anyway--I think the other commenters are right--when they want you to go on a buying binge, they'll increase it. But if you're close to the limit, or at the limit, they definitely won't.


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