Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Promotion and raise!

I got a promotion and a raise today!

Actually, I got the raise on Friday, and I pretty much knew the promotion was coming, but I didn't want to jinx myself by posting about it here. Basically, last August when I accepted the transfer/promotion, I skipped a couple of levels--I went from a coordinator to assistant manager, even though I was doing the job of the manager (I certainly don't "assist" anyone--it's just me). My boss just couldn't get permission to give me the full title right off the bat in this economy, but told me that at the April review, I would "most likely" get the full title and salary. I worked hard to make sure there would be no reason not to get it, and it paid off!

This raise came to just over $6,000, so in total I am earning $16,000 more than I was just seven months ago. Very cool! It also means that Peanut and I are earning within $1,000 of each other, AND we are a $100,000+ household. AWESOME.

In real terms, my raise is just over $300 more per month which I'm using to....start a car fund!

Yes, we live in New York City, and no, we would never buy a car while we live within the five boroughs. But someday we're going to move, either to the suburbs or to who knows where, and we'll need some wheels. Just to set an arbitrary goal for the sidebar, I've put it at $5,000 for now, and will put the whole $300 in it each month, meaning it'll take about a year and a half to save up that amount.

We thought about putting it all against student loans, but it's really possible that we'll need a car before we're even close to paying off student loans (3-4 years) so it makes sense to save it up for now.

And while the promotion wasn't really a surprise, it was very nice to have a review with my boss of how I'm doing and where I can focus my energy. I love working with her (I followed her when she changed jobs) but the rest of the team can be frustrating--it's a MUCH faster-paced environment with major communication issues, but on the other hand, I had my first #1 hardcover debut novel with this group, and we have no less than three titles on the NY Times bestseller's list in any given week, which is amazing.

So that's my big news--I've got all these posts half-written in my head and just need to get them into the computer!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! :) Well deserved, I say.

  2. WOW.. that is quite the raise! It sounds like you are being rewarded for all your awesome work- a number 1 hardcover debut... that is awesome!

    Its always a great feeling when someone recognizes your work and rewards you for it!

  3. Congratulations! And good for you for setting a future goal for the money and socking it all away. That's what I'll be doing when I up my hours this summer. :)

  4. Congratulations! That is an amazing increase in salary in such a short time -- way to go!


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