Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wow, Spirit!

Spirit airlines is now charging up to $45 to CARRY ON a bag.
Yes, you read that right--charging for carry ons.
I guess this was to be expected, since everyone started carrying on their bags when all the airlines started charging ridiculous fees to check baggage. Where will it end?
It's too bad for me, because Spirit generally had pretty good deals on flights between NYC and my family in the midwest--in fact, I'm pretty sure I booked with Spirit for my trip next month! (I won't have to pay the fee to carry on because it's effective today, and I WILL be fighting it if they try to charge me). But their prices are no longer a good deal if I have to fork out another $45 to carry my bag on, so I'll be forced to go back to Northwest/Delta, who I was boycotting for customer service reasons.
At this rate, air travel is going to be too expensive and too complicated pretty soon, and it will make more sense to rent a car and drive across the country than to set foot in an airport.


  1. It's a vicious cycle. They are bleeding money because of the high cost of fuel and the fact that they are losing customers to the economy, so they institute these fees to cover their losses, which drive customers even further away. I don't travel by plane too often, but the few times I do, it hurts!

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