Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Recap/May goals

April Goals
1. Book venue for ceremony/reception. Well, my rule was that this was the only thing I had to do this month, which helped. I booked the venue and paid the deposit. I’ve tentatively picked out a menu. We’ve finalized the guest list and are collecting addresses. I also booked the photographers and paid their deposit. I’ve started hunting for an officiant and a cake baker and have a couple leads on the latter.  I did some research into the requirements for getting a marriage license. And with my dad’s unexpected contribution, I now have the outlines of a budget.

2. Keep optional expenses low.  So-so. I did get a massage during spa week, but I kept my food costs lower than the month before.

3. Chill the freak out. I think there were no wedding-related tears this month! So I’ll call this a success.  

4. Cook a new dish. Peanut and I made doubles, and we also made crunchy onion barbecue chicken, which was NOM.  

5. Do some decluttering. Meh. I posted the TV on Craigslist and got a bunch of flakers and one guy whose negotiating skills needed some work. I also have a bunch of stuff set aside to take to Goodwill, but haven’t actually taken them. On the plus side, I’ve taken three dozen magazines to the Laundromat!

May Goals
1. Complete a draft of my thesis. I have 13 pages written of 30 as of right now, and I am writing this blog post to procrastinate. My first draft is due June 10, but I’d like to be a little speedy gonzalez here and just get ‘er done. Update--I wrote another five pages tonight! 

2. Wedding plans: finalize budget with mom, pick baker, pick florist, pick officiant. This might be too ambitious, but I hope at least the first three can be done quickly and painlessly while I’m in the wedding town in two weeks. If not, I revise it to the following: taste cakes, try on dresses, gather all addresses.

3. Do up a new budget. My raise changed my income again and while I had projected what it would probably turn out to be, I didn’t get my second paycheck with the raise reflected in it until yesterday. I might be able to squeeze a few more dollars into one savings fund or another, which would be fun.

4. Not buy any new clothes. I haven’t bought any new clothes since 2009, with the exception of some jeans and yoga pants purchase with rewards points and no cash. I want to go clothes shopping SO BAD RIGHT NOW. I don’t even need anything, aside from some cute summer dresses and shoes, and maybe a few new cardigans, and some pants, and you know, I could really use some new bras as well, and I mean, if shirts are on sale also….NO. The only bit of clothing I should buy in May will be a wedding dress. 

5. The 100 pushup challenge. Technically, I started doing this in April, but I haven’t had much success in keeping up with it. Which might be in part because I have no accountability. So, I post it here, and hope that your scowls and scolding will help me have beautiful arms for my wedding day.  

New monthly feature: New Year's Resolution Recap
1. Max out a Roth IRA automatically. Underway!
2. Pay down at least half my student loan debt. I just paid for my last class out of pocket. My grace period ends in September. I expect $5,000 in tuition reimbursement from my job by then, and have an additional $2,300 set aside, with $260 being added monthly. My loans are currently at $19,568.48. This is going to be too easy.
3. Give to charity. I gave to Doctors Without Borders, but nothing else yet.
4. Finish graduate school while maintaining a 3.86 GPA and turn in my thesis early.  I’ve got 13 out of 30! Plus six pages of bibliography!
5. Read more than 100 books. I’m at 51 books read in 2010, and not yet halfway through the year. Woo hoo!
6. Cultivate a more positive attitude. I did better at this!
7. Take the stairs whenever possible. Every time I walk into the building, I think about this and get on the elevator anyway. I do take them down, though…
8. Seven minutes of yoga per day. I quit this in February or March. I decided I hated the seven minute routine. Instead, I’ve been going to a yoga class every weekend. This is more challenging, and I can’t “cheat” with an instructor around. It seems to be working—I feel stronger, can do the poses better, and have lost a few pounds.
9. Develop a regular posting schedule for my "real name" blog. After I found that my stalker ex was retweeting my posts last month, I haven’t updated since. I don’t know if I’m going to keep it up anymore, honestly. It freaked me out a lot, and I don’t think it’s as important for my career or whatever. I like this blog better, and maybe someday I’ll even “come out”, or like buy the right domain name and stuff.
10. Make less of an impact. I can’t say that I did anything measurable in April, despite Earth Day being in there. Well, I did decide that I am no longer taking lunch to work in plastic Tupperware if it needs to be reheated. I’ll use glass for that.


  1. So I wanted to take the stairs more often at work, but they actually prevent employees from taking the stairs unless it is an emergency! Can you believe that mess? Now, I just come into work early and take an extra stroll around the block. It doesn't beat the 8 flights of stairs I could have taken, but it is still something.

  2. I'm not allowed to take the stairs at work, either (I'm on the 13th floor). There's ONE open stairwell between my floor and the next one up, but the rest of the nine floors that we occupy can only be reached by an elevator except in an emergency.

    At home, though, I've got no excuse. We're on the fifth floor and there are two stairways and one elevator.


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