Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Spending Recap

Misc Income: $3,254.85 (gift from Dad for the wedding, interest, pinecone payments, birthday gift, dance payment)
Travel $105
Gifts $40
Sunny Vacation $100
Student Loan Repayment $260
Wedding $280
Car $150

Total savings $935
401(k) $295.40 pre tax (company matches that at 50%)
Roth IRA $454.54 (monthly transfer)
Total Retirement savings: $897.64

Cell phone $77.86
Entertainment $10.80 (book, coat checks)
Food—dining out $82.50 (lower than last month!)
Food—groceries $146.70 
Gifts $18.07 (friend's birthday)
Household $32.28
Internet $16.98
Laundry $13.50 (lower than last month!
Medical $16.00 (remember how my birth control prescriptions were supposed to be free? Well, they're not. But $16.00 is cheaper than it used to be!)
Personal $115.73 (massage + tip, laser hair removal tip, shampoo and stuff)
Rent $708.13 (regular $687.50 plus an increase to our security deposit for when our lease is renewed this summer)
School $2,000 (first payment for summer class)

Utilities $38.78
Wedding $750 (venue deposit, photographer deposit)

Total spending: $

Okaaaaaaay. Well, that wasn't a typical month by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn't bad at all, either. I managed to spend less than last month in the food categories, so that was good. 

Networth IQ updated (see sidebar). Increases there as well--nice to see my retirement funds increasing by a little more than what I'm contributing.

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