Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cost of changing my name

As I mentioned, I'll be changing my name after Peanut and I get married. I stumbled across an interesting post on a wedding blog--the economics of name-changing.

I can't quite figure out the costs for myself just yet. I'm not sure how much it'll cost to get a copy of our marriage license from the midwest state where we're getting married--shouldn't I kind of get that automatically? I hope I don't need to go in person to the courthouse, since we're not local. Note to self to look into this.

Otherwise, it'll cost me $12.50 to get me a new license (and I am DEFINITELY getting a new photo) and $75 to get a new passport. It shouldn't cost me anything to change my name at work or with any of my banks or insurance companies or anything.


  1. I don't know if it's different where you're getting married, but I think our marriage license was mailed to us.

  2. Hm... I don't know how it would work if you're just visitors in the state where you're having your wedding. We both had to go to the courthouse, fill out some paperwork, and then were handed the license. It took maybe 20 minutes. We just had to have our officiant sign his name and fill in his information, return the "official" license to the courthouse and kept the pretty one for "display." Also, the copy we kept had a tear-off at the bottom that I was told I should use for having my name changed. Regardless of how different the state is, you should definitely get a copy to keep from the courthouse. That would be ridiculous.

    That's one of the reasons I'm putting off the name change. (I'm almost 100% convinced that I should go with a hyphenate.) I love my license picture! Lol! And here, if you get a new license, you are required to have a new picture taken. Lame.

  3. When the title said the economics of name-changing, I figured there was going to be some talk of opportunity cost. It would be pretty interesting to see how much a woman's earning power could potentially erode (or gain) by switching her last name. You could imagine that if a woman built her career around her name, and then just changed it, the new name wouldn't have the same authority. But obviously, there is no way to track that. But it would be interesting.

    Tangentially related, I feel that is why a lot of ex-wives keep their ex-husbands last name. Especially if that ex was famous.


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