Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drive-by updates

--Got rained out of Yoga on the Great Lawn last week. Too bad. I did get a delicious brownie and a free yoga mat out of it, and helped break a world record.

--Thesis is due in one week. I sent it for final reviews to an editor, a literary agent, a lawyer and an MBA. First responses indicate that it's very good and people would like to share it with other publishing professionals. Awesome!

--NYC is disgustingly hot. I don't want to see our a/c bill for the rest of the summer. We've only got one in the bedroom, and we're only keeping it at 78 and only when we're in there but still. I don't want to see our ice cream bill either.

--Wedding plans continue along. I have started addressing invitations and hope to finish them over the long weekend. Things left to do: choose ceremony with officiant, ask friends to read something during the ceremony, finalize details with florist, book hotel blocks, get dress altered, and figure out centerpieces.

--I think I figured out a way to be less overwhelmed at work. We'll see.

--Peanut and I finally sold most of our extraneous stuff -- TV, stereo, camera, DVDs, game systems, books. Apparently you just have to list it on Craigslist repeatedly until people realize you're serious. We've got a few more decluttery type things to do, and might swing by a Tekserve event to recycle some old electronics.

Hope you all are hanging in there!


  1. We relisted our couch three times on CL before it sold. Had to reduce it a couple times too.

  2. I'm decluttering at the moment on eBay. 17 DVD's, wii, gone. 10 more DVD's to go! I'm going to get rid of my books too I think


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