Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's gonna be weird

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a direct quote from Peanut about filing our taxes as a married couple. (He's retracted that, and now says, "It's gonna be AWESOME, that's what it's gonna be!")

That's because we've been trying to sell stuff, and we're not having any luck at all. Here's what we've got:

150+ books
100+ dvds
two stereo systems
27 inch television
digital camera
Playstation 2 with games and controllers and guitars
original Xbox with games and controllers
Pizza cutter
double bed (mattress, box spring, frame)

We haven't got a single little nibble, so we're probably going to end up donating it all to Goodwill which is a giant pain, and I'm afraid it might not actually make a difference in our taxes (I mentioned this to Red the other day--think hard about the tax implications of donating anything. If you don't itemize, it probably won't make a bit of difference for you. I learned that the hard way, after donating my beloved car.)

Our selling spree was sparked in part by Peanut's coworker--he's moving in with his girlfriend and offered us some of his furniture--a queen sized bed, a bookshelf, a kitchen cabinet thing. In order to make way for the new stuff, we've got to get rid of some old--and most of it is stuff we haven't touched since we moved into this apartment a year ago. It's all priced to go, but I think people are not as interested in buying other people's junk as they used to be.

In other news, Peanut suggested that we start spending a bit more on groceries per month. We've had a pretty static menu for a while consisting of mostly homemade stuff but all sort of one-shot meals (pizza, buffalo chicken wraps and/or salads, fried rice, turkey sandwiches for lunch). We decided to look for more "grown up" meals that have more components and are a bit more well-rounded. Tonight for dinner, for example, we made oven-roasted salmon with new potatoes and asparagus. It was AWESOME. I officially love dill. It was easy to make, and it's a one-dish meal--starch, veggie and protein all roasted in one pan. We're looking for more recipes like that, so if you've got any, please share them!

The only downside was that it was a LOT more expensive than our usual dinners. The salmon alone was nearly $4 per serving--we can very likely find it cheaper but we'll have to do some hunting. We'd like to keep it around $3 per serving total (we were at something like $3 per meal, which is awesome but you know, we can afford to spend more than that).

Here's a great example of making personal finance personal--Revanche weighs her company's 401(k) in the balance and finds it wanting, so she's not going to contribute to it. She's got good reasons and other options.

And lastly, I'm itching to balance out the types of blogs in my google reader--I want more pf posts than wedding posts! So recommend to me your blog or any other blog that you read and think is great. Take a look at my blogroll and tell me who I'm missing!


  1. LMM, I know just what you mean! I'm not much of a cook, and tend towards things like pasta, wraps, chili - liek you say, one shot stuff.

    It sucks to have T out of work, but it means he can put a lot more time and effort into our dinners. Of course, the downside of eating "better/more grownup" is yeah, it's more expensive not to mention time consuming. I'd probably recommend trying to ease into it with just one new recipe a week. And looking for new dishes which use similar ingredients.

    There are some great shows on Food TV (I don't know if they're the same in the US) like Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers, and of course Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart.

  2. I love one dish meals like that with a great balance of protein, veggies and starch.

    We buy Salmon at Costco and it usually costs about $20 but we get two long pieces of Salmon. We usually freeze one and grill the other and it makes meals for several days.

    We bought a used couch last weekend to replace our current one which is way to firm and we are having problems unlooading our current one. Ug!

  3. Why don't you consider itemizing? I did it last year - when I donated all of my books, DVDs and 75% of my closet to Goodwill - and it wasn't difficult with the online program I used. Good luck to you! (I think "weird" is the word I'd use for filing taxes married too!)

  4. I definitely consider itemizing--it's just never worked out to be a bigger deduction than the standard one, so it hasn't worked out.

  5. I find that itemizing is usually a waste of time too. Perhaps you can just list everything on freecycle if no one wants to pay? Might be easier to give it away that way..

    Just out of curiosity, where is all this stuff listed?

    As for easy recipes, summer frittata's are pretty easy and cheap! Just need lots of eggs!

  6. Thanks for the link!

    I actually dreamed about baking some dish with corn on the side and veggies on top in a one dish kind of way that I never do, and thought, IN MY DREAM, that I should tell you about it. Um, that's strange, isn't it?

  7. Here's the link to a really nicely-designed free ecookbook:

    There's 65 simple recipes that require only 5 ingredients.


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