Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Linkfest: Goals edition

It's time for The Baglady to update her goals page -- and she talks about how they've changed in the three years since she made them. Particularly with long-term goals, it's important to be willing to re-evaluate when your life changes.

Dumb Little Man talks about setting minimum goal standards. This is brilliant! Rather than overhaul your whole life and promise to do yoga for an hour every day and only eat fresh organic produce and be on time to everything for the rest of your life, how about you commit to doing at least two sun salutations, eating at least one piece of fruit, and spending five minutes at night getting stuff together for the following day? Would that make it easier to follow through? I totally think so, and I'm going to try to keep that in mind for next month's goals.

Lifehacker talks about intentionally creating a decluttered life by choosing classic designs -- cast iron skillets instead of woks, safety razors instead of disposable and the like. Just in time for our registry planning! I had already decided that I wanted to stick with a simple plate design--the plain white Corelle. They'll go with everything, they can be easily used for either simple every day dinners or fancier dinner parties, and we never have to worry about the pattern going out of style.

Amazing quote over at Frugal Babe, which I've never heard before: Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple. Wow, could that be true for me. I have had a phenomenal background compared to most of the world: health, plenty to eat, access to education and parents who were willing to pay for it, and much more. Any success I've had must be attributable to more than just my own brilliance and amazingness.

One of the things Peanut and I have talked about doing right before or right after we're married is visiting a financial planner for a quick check-up that we're starting our married life off on the strongest foot possible. Get Rich Slowly has a great guest post on finding a fee-only advisor, which we'll take a closer look at when we get close to that point ourselves.

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