Sunday, June 13, 2010


Awesome! Kayak has started a search engine that allows you to search first by price: Where can I fly for this much money?

Revanche reminds us that the time to update your resume is BEFORE you need it. Good advice--I didn't get to it this weekend, but it's on my calendar for next.

Remember how Spirit airlines is now charging for carry-on baggage? Their pilots have gone on strike. Pretty sure I've lost all faith in them. It doesn't seem like I mentioned that on my last flight with them, I determined that they are now too cheap for me. The tickets are relatively inexpensive, but having to pay $3 (on a credit or debit card!) for a cup of WATER and having to pay for carry-ons makes them no longer a good deal.

Apparently New York state is facing a government shut-down since there hasn't been a budget since March (the governor has been passing week to week budgets to keep things functioning). I don't rely on the government for much (no food stamps, no welfare, no section 8 housing) but this could really hurt those who do.

And lastly, a weekend update. I had a pretty inexpensive weekend--tried to go shopping for shoes, but ended up returning what I got since when I got home, they no longer fit (what's up with that?!). Peanut and I made some money as people are finally starting to bite on some of the stuff we've got for sale (bye-bye, bed and Xbox!). I went to free yoga in the park (love it!) and won tickets to Shakespeare in the Park, which I skipped because it's been so rainy. Looks like they didn't cancel the show, but I've sat in the theater in the cold June rain before and was miserable, so I'll try again later in the summer.

We ordered the cake, invitations and address labels and booked the officiant this weekend. Still to do: pick out flowers. I am dreading this job, which is why I keep postponing it. I also need to book a hotel block so I can include that information in the invitations. Our wedding is almost three months away, which is freaking astounding.

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