Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Recap/June Goals

May Goals
1. Complete a draft of my thesis.....I HAVE TURNED IN MY FIRST DRAFT. 'Nuff said.

2. Wedding plans: finalize budget with mom, pick baker, pick florist, pick officiant. Budget finalized, baker picked, florist picked, wedding ring purchased. Not much movement on the officiant front--I asked my dad if he knew anyone locally who can perform weddings, and he's kind of clammed up. I sent quote requests to two officiants I found online; only one has written back so far.

3. Do up a new budget. Done! New budget allows me to save nearly $600 plus maxing out a Roth.

4. Not buy any new clothes. Fail--I bought a pair of capri-length yoga pants and a skirt. I got rid of some items in exchange. I also went shopping a lot more than that, actually, and didn't find what I was looking for, so I didn't take home anything I didn't love.

5. The 100 pushup challenge. I think I've learned my lesson--no posting fitness goals on this blog, because it basically guarantees I won't do them.

June Goals

1. Pick officiant, identify flowers I want, get final quote from baker, find place to alter dress (which also means picking shoes), order invitations, call state clerk's office to verify requirements and figure out if I need to make an extra trip there to apply for the license. I'm so ready to be done with wedding planning. Peanut is designing our invitations now and we've picked the place to order them from. Once they're in the mail, I won't be able to back out--I'm seriously debating with myself every day whether to cancel the whole thing and just go to the courthouse. I won't. But I kind of wish that's what we'd done.

2. Finish thesis. Now that my first draft is turned in, I get to revise. Maybe I can be done with the whole thing by the end of the month--I think the "class" ends July 13.

3. Declutter! Peanut and I are acting like we're about to move--we sorted through all of our books and found 150 to get rid of. He also has a whole shelf full of DVDs to sell, and we've got a TV to get rid of, and I'm starting to eye everything in the apartment with how fast it can go.

4. Go shopping without spending any money. Or, in other words, set up the wedding registry. I have one started at Target and will be setting one up at Bed, Bath and Beyond this weekend. That should cover our "needs".

5. Try to chill out. Literally and figuratively. I've had a rough couple weeks (nothing bad, just super busy and stressful) and I could use some down time.

Not-so-new monthly feature: New Year's Resolution Recap
1. Max out a Roth IRA automatically. Underway!
2. Pay down at least half my student loan debt. My loans are currently at $19,568.48. Peanut and I have talked about considering all our loans as one joint project and paying them down by interest rate. This would mean attacking one of his while paying the minimums on mine. Still thinking about this.
3. Give to charity. I sent money to the Nashville Red Cross to help with the flooding.
4. Finish graduate school while maintaining a 3.86 GPA and turn in my thesis early. First draft turned in. Based on 15 pages, my professor has given me an A-.
5. Read more than 100 books. I’m at 60+ books read in 2010, and not yet halfway through the year. Woo hoo!
6. Cultivate a more positive attitude. Not so good this month.
7. Take the stairs whenever possible. Every time I walk into the building, I think about this and get on the elevator anyway. I do take them down, though…
8. Seven minutes of yoga per day. I quit this in February or March in favor of weekly yoga classes. I love them.
9. Develop a regular posting schedule for my "real name" blog. Still not updating that one anymore. My stalker ex freaked me out too much by retweeting my posts. I'm debating canceling the domain name and getting a refund for now.
10. Make less of an impact. No change from April--trying for reusable stuff as much as possible and recycling what's recycle-able. You'd think grocery cashiers would be used to this by now and wouldn't give off so much 'tude.


  1. I just found your blog and think it's great. I got engaged a few months ago and finished my graduate degree last week--so a bit of parallel life stuff going on!

    Which Midwest state are you getting married in? I think we're planning an east coast wedding..but STL is also possible!

  2. Wow, I'm so impressed that you have already read 60 books this year! That is more than 10 a month . . . how do you do it?!

    Good luck with the rest of your wedding planning this month! Personally, I'm going to be glad when I've got all mine done! :)

  3. @Ann--I read fast and I read a lot. I can read on my subway commute, which helps, but I also read on my lunch break at work and before bed. Reading on an e-reader has sped up my reading by about a third--I'm not sure why exactly, but last year at this time I'd read about 40 books so it's a pretty big difference.

    Good luck with your wedding planning, too!

    @practicallyengaged--we're getting married in Michigan, where I have family.


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