Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quick linkfest

Over at MoneySavingMom, is it frugal to shop at wholesale clubs? I think this really varies depending on one's purchasing habits, but for Peanut and I, it definitely is. We get toilet paper, movie tickets, frozen chicken breasts, peanut butter, granola, baby carrots, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mozzarella cheese, acai berry juice, salsa, cereal, and a few other staples at Costco regularly and save a lot of money. The movie tickets alone save us the cost of the yearly membership--ticket prices in New York are $12.50 for a standard adult ticket, and we get a pair for $15.49. We're careful not to go crazy on fun stuff at Costco and to use up what we buy.
Frugal Babe talks about creating a life which needs no escape--YES! That is certainly not my situation right now in a fairly high-stress, fast-paced job and living in a high cost of living area, but someday, I dream about creating a home and a life where we don't feel the need to leave to relax or enjoy ourselves.

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  1. Great blog posts. Thanks for the links. I have linked to them and you today too!


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