Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Spending Review

Misc Income: $391.48 (Pinecone payments, focus group, selling stuff and interest)
Travel $105
Gifts $40
Sunny Vacation $100
Student Loan Repayment $260
Wedding $305.84
Car $303

Total savings $1,113
401(k) $295.40 pre tax (company matches that at 50%)
Roth IRA $454.54 
Total Retirement savings: $897.64

Cell phone $77.96(I did lower my bill by $7 with AT&T's new data plan, so this is the last time it'll be so high)
Dance expense $14.25 (class card, travel to rehearsal)
Entertainment $35.49 (cover and drinks out, movie tickets)
Food—dining out $100
Food—groceries $177.67 (both food categories keep going down, which is awesome!)
Gifts $66.95 (friend's baby gift) 
Household $7.92 (stamps)
Internet $16.98
Laundry $15.00
Mystery shop expense $70.37 
Personal $59.00 (laser hair removal tip,other needs)
Rent $687.50 (it goes up next month, boo)
Travel $220.80 (heading to the Midwest in August to visit Peanut's family for a wedding shower!)
Utilities $44.53 (small increase thanks to the A/C)
Wedding $289.87 (officiant deposit, invitations, stamps, thank you cards, address labels)

Total spending: $2,338.83

Networth IQ updated (see sidebar). Not too bad -- overall spending went down. Savings stayed mostly static, and my retirement accounts are down about 6%, but so are everyone else's. 

It occurred to me today that I will only do this spending review twice more as I have been for so long. The expenses listed above are all mine and those I share jointly with Peanut. But in September, we'll combine all our money and what I report will be our budget and our spending. Exciting and weird at the same time!


  1. Hi Little Miss Moneybags! I'm a fellow nyc'er too. I'm in awe of how you keep your spending so low here in the city. May I ask what ISP you use? How is it possible to only spend $16.98/mo on internet fees? And no transportation costs either? Do you walk everywhere?

  2. Hi Jackie -- thanks for commenting! Well, the internet charge is my half of the bill. Our bill is $34.95 from Time Warner.

    I get a monthly unlimited metrocard from my job as a perk (it's a great perk!). I use that or walk everywhere -- I don't take cabs hardly ever.


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