Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review of laser hair removal

It's now been about a month since my sixth (and final) laser hair removal procedure. Thought you might be interested to know the results.
They are FABULOUS.
To recap, I paid $900 for a package of 6 visits for underarm and Brazilian bikini laser hair removal. It's something I had wanted to do for a long time, and in fact something I'd already  flirted with -- I used to get a single session twice a year during Spa Week. I had good results, but for it to really work, you do need to go back every 4-6 weeks in order to catch the hair in all its stages of growth. So I'd been saving up for it and then found a spa with a "30% off two services" deal that made it totally affordable.
June was the last session and it's been a few weeks, so I think I can safely predict the final outcome of the process.
Underarms: 95-98% hair loss. I have shaved ONCE in the last month, and it wasn't because I needed to but because I felt like I should before my wedding gown fitting appointment. I no longer have five o'clock shadow of the pits (you light-skinned, dark-haired girls know what I'm talking about). There are a few hairs still there, but they are very fine and almost blond. At any point, I could go out in a sleeveless top without a second thought. LOVE IT.
Brazilian bikini: 85% hair loss. The hair here is coarser, thicker, and in general more difficult to get rid of, but I'm thrilled with the results. The, um, areas that are normally seen outside of a bikini have the most hair loss. Again, the hair that still exists is fine, thin, and light enough that I could actually go to the beach on a moment's notice without embarrassment. The areas that are, um, a bit more private had kind of spottier results, and I've got a kind of strangely shaped, um, "landing strip" (oh, geez, please, family, never read my blog) but I don't care about that. The bikini showing parts were the ones that always gave me the most problems with razor burn and those are the ones that had the best results, so again. LOVE IT.
I may go back for touch-ups once or twice a year. Or I may not. I'm really happy with the results as they are now.
A few notes:
Laser hair removal hurts. The good thing, though, is that it doesn't last long (both underarms and bikini took about ten minutes and the pain is not continuous). Unlike waxing, the pain stops as soon as the laser's not pointing at you anymore, so it's much easier to deal with. I find waxing torturous! Usually before my laser hair removal appointments, I'd pop an advil or tylenol, grit my teeth for a few minutes, and go on with my day.
The total cost for everything came to $1,140 -- $900 for the procedures and six tips of $40 each (I tipped more than 20% to cover the difference between the standard price and the discounted price I paid). I had been saving up for this for a few months before purchasing the package. It's a totally frivolous purchase, but one that I absolutely do not regret.
In all honesty, I'm really glad I don't need to go in anymore and have someone all up in my lady bits. It's like going to the gynecologist every month. But it definitely beats going in for a bikini wax every month forever!


  1. I am seriously considering this. Thanks for this post. I don't know anyone in real life who will admit this.

  2. That for this assessment of it... I have some areas that need lasering and this will help. :)

  3. Hm, this has me considering doing this sometime in the future. I get brazilian waxing, and while I love the results, I do NOT love that I have to pay 85 dollars a month!

    I've heard lasering can cause scarring though… have you experienced any?

  4. My understanding is that the scarring is the result of improper use of the laser -- on too high a setting, or on the same spot too long. I think it's pretty rare.

    I already have some scarring from ingrown hairs and waxing, actually, so I'm not sure I'd notice if it was a small scar. But I really didn't have any last irritation at all from laser so I doubt it.

  5. Thanks for such a great post. I will definitely consider this.


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