Saturday, July 17, 2010


Where has the time gone?!

Peanut just complained to me today that I am not updating my blog frequently enough, and he needs something to read aside from the "awful" book club book (which was MY pick, so harrumph). So, uh, here's what's new in my life:

Thesis grade: A-
Cumulative grad school GPA: 3.85
I will TAKE IT!

I took my wedding dress to be altered today, and it's costing me a third as much as the dress itself to get it fixed. Geez. I'm so tired of seeing zeros get added on to something just because it's a wedding item.

On the bright side, my mom has offered to pay for a lot of the wedding! If you remember, I did try to talk to her about this months ago, and she refused to discuss it. It was kind of weird. It was a conversation I dreaded because she's religious and we're having alcohol, and a secular ceremony, and blah blah blah. But this week, she offered to cover some things (no dollar amount) like my alterations (she already paid for the dress) and the food and the flowers and the invitations -- basically, a lot of the expensive stuff.

Luckily, much of this is already finalized, so she can't attach strings to it. The invitations have been sent out, so the date, time, location, etc. is set (plus, you know, the invites themselves have been purchased). The florist, bakery, officiant, and photographer deposits have been paid. We'll pay for anything she's not comfortable paying for, like the booze and maybe the meat entree (my parents are vegetarians). But we'll have a lot more money (which I've been saving up for the past four months!) to throw against student loan debt. We can probably shave six months off our repayment time with her help, which could get her grandbabies that much faster.

And in a complete non-sequiter, Costco's return policy is awesome. We bought some fridge-to-freezer chicken thighs that were not okay at all, and they refunded the purchase without a question. Peanut thinks it may have been our fault (it's a 15 minute walk home from there, and it was hot the day we bought them) but I think as a one-time thing, I'm willing to put the blame on them (we've purchased the same item before, and it was hot then, too, and they were fine). Next time, we'll take one of those insulated cooling bags and the bus, but I was pleased that their customer service was so excellent, and that I got our $16.49 back.

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  1. Congrats on your thesis grade!!

    Glad to hear your mom is going to pay some for the wedding. That's a great deal actually -- she offers the money AFTER all the decisions have been finalized.


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