Friday, August 6, 2010

grump, grump, grump

Have I already complained here about Chase not accepting that no means no? It's not just me. I guess that's good to know...but it's still annoying that they ask me at every opportunity and send me lots of junk mail even though I've clearly communicated that I do NOT want to opt-in to overdraft protection and that I DO understand exactly what that means.


Despite the fact that it's a Friday with lovely weather, I am a bit grumpy. I am really, really tired of wedding planning. I just want to be married already. I don't want to deal with another question about flowers or worry about whether people are coming (only 22 people have RSVP'd yes! We sent our invites out a month ago!) or dread writing final checks or anything. I just do not want to care anymore. I want to be married and done with changing my name and on my way to the next adventure.


  1. I was engaged for approximately five months (which everyone insisted was "too short") and started feeling the EXACT same way by the end of it. I was still excited for my wedding but I was just ready for that day to be HERE and get everything over and done with! I read how some women felt depressed after their weddings because all their hard work had culminated in that one day and now they felt saddened that it was all finished. I NEVER felt even an ounce of that! My wedding was the best day of my life, and I wouldn't change a thing about it, but I was thankful when it was passed and we could move on to the next stage of our lives.

    How many people did you invite?! That seems like a low RSVP count but it depends on how many invites were sent I guess. Maybe they're all just waiting until the last minute?


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