Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Spending Review

Misc Income: $25.99 (Pinecone payments, interest)
Travel $105
Gifts $40
Sunny Vacation $100
Student Loan Repayment $260
Wedding $280
Car $303

Total savings $1,088
401(k) $295.40 pre tax (company matches that at 50%)
Roth IRA $454.54 
Total Retirement savings: $897.64

Debt Repayment
Student loans $4,000
Cell phone $70.16
Clothes $97.42 (some desperately-needed new bras and not-needed new tops)
Entertainment $14.60 (movie tickets)
Food—dining out $232 (ouch! that's just my share!)
Food—groceries $131.80
Gifts $28.27
Household $64.22 (odds and ends, plus some furniture we bought off a friend)
Internet $47.89 (I seem to have paid the bill for two months in the same month--should be zero in August)
Laundry $14.50
Personal $26.83
Rent $722.35
Utilities $55.67
Wedding $416.89 (wedding shoes, dress alteration deposit, plane tickets for the wedding)

Total spending: $1,938.44

Networth IQ updated (see sidebar).

One more of these, and then Peanut and I will be combining all of our money! We're getting married in just 56 days. 

There's some frustrating things going on with the numbers above, though. First, my school finally did my graduation audit and they're claiming that I am missing a class -- even though I've taken 39 credits and the degree only requires 36. I do NOT want to pay to take a class that I've already substituted. We'll see how this plays out. 

Also, we are having a weird situation with our rent. Our lease renewed in June, so our rent went up by 4%, or about $40. Not much to do about that. But around the same time, we got slapped with a major capital improvement increase, for the elevator that was installed before we moved in. That's another $14 monthly increase. Which is fine, but they've been charging us that $14 twice each month since it was approved, and they can't explain to me why that is. Last month I was told that it was for the previous month, since they sent the statements out before they received permission from the city to charge it, and I wouldn't see it again. But it's there again this month, marked as "August arrears" and I'm just not clear on how they can charge me arrears for something that hasn't even happened yet. There are now so many charges, credits and debits on the statement that I can't make sense of it, and I feel like they're putting it all on there to confuse people and get them to pay extra. I'll be calling the office on Monday before I write the check. 

In other news, the weather in New York is now awesome, so Peanut and I are going to go out and enjoy it.


  1. Isn't it so convenient that landlords are the worst accountants on the planet? No other business could get away with all the financial errors they make in their own favor. Good luck. I hope you get it resolved soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about the graduation audit! You are living my bad dream. That's been a recurring dream of mine that I have to go back to college because years later I find out that I didn't graduate with the number of credits I actually needed...Good luck with resolving that. What are your options?


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