Friday, September 3, 2010

Non-Owner's Car Insurance

In advance of our upcoming wedding trip, I purchased non-owner's car insurance for us. We'll be renting a car for a week, and the cost of purchasing from the car rental agency is $223 for the week (that's the insurance ALONE). My credit card does provide minimal damage insurance, but that leaves us effectively with NO liability insurance, which is the most expensive possibility in case of an accident (the car rental place provides state minimum by law, but it's ridiculously low and would not actually protect us).

I'm just too nervous to spend a stressful week driving a rental car in a place I'm not familiar with to go that route. Some friends of ours have non-owners car insurance that they bought for a nation-wide roadtrip, so I decided to look into it.

For $196.70, Peanut and I are covered up to a million dollars in liability (plus collision, personal property, etc) for six months -- compare that to the $223 from the car rental place for one week! It's still kind of a sucky purchase to have to make, but it's cheaper than getting sued for rear-ending someone. After we're done with this rental, I'll see if we can defer coverage until we need it again, or cancel and get it pro-rated back to us. If not, well, it's peace of mind.


  1. I know the pain of rental insurance. I had my car stolen. Even though my rental car was covered by my insurance. I still had to take out extra insurance as I wasant 25 yet. Total epic waste of $433. 69. Bullshit insurance could have just wrote my car off insted of taking a month to do so. Always on the losing end.

  2. Where did you buy the rental insurance? My sister is trying to figure out if she needs to buy non-owners car insurance for when she borrows her friend's car. Any recommended companies?

  3. The only company I found that offers non-owners insurance is Geico. So there's not much of a chance to shop around, but I found their rates to be reasonable.


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