Friday, September 10, 2010

Only a year late

Best Buy will start carrying the Kindle, the Sony eReader, and the Nook side by side in stores. Finally! Who wants to buy an electronic gadget online that they've never touched? (Well, millions of people apparently, yes, but not me.)
If you remember, I bought a Sony eReader Touch last December for work, and I LOVE it. But I wonder if I'd have purchased the same one had I been able to play with all three major brands on the same shopping trip? My only experience with Amazon's device was a Kindle DX, the huge one, and I didn't bother to make a special trip to B&N to see the Nook (if I remember right, they might not even have been in stores for testing at that time, but maybe they were).
Anyway, cool! Do you have an ereader? Will finally being able to play with the different kinds in person make a difference in whether you get one?


  1. Nope! No e-reader for this gal! I love the library and the feel of a book too much. (Plus, I would be uber nervous with an e-reader on the treadmill!) But if I was in the market for a nice electronic gadget, I wouldn't buy one without being able to hold one and/or test it out first. That's probably one of the reasons I've been able to hold out on the e-reader craze for so long. Dang you, Best Buy! ;)

  2. I hope they do the same in Canada :(

    I too, bought the Sony E-Reader but it isn't big enough for my manga.. so I might just bite the bullet and buy it anyway for books and read my manga on my laptop


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