Sunday, October 17, 2010



I feel so acquisitive, for lack of a better word. Peanut and I were blessed with lots of gift cards and store credit after the wedding, which I've been trying to use up quickly before we forget about them. So last weekend I made two trips to Target, and this weekend we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond AND I went shopping on Amazon. But the list of things we want seems to keep growing, not shrinking!

It's irritating because shopping at these big box stores is a giant pain in New York. We have no car (and are too cheap to take a taxi) so we lug all of our stuff in the granny cart on the subway, up and down stairs, and over blocks and blocks of uneven sidewalks. All for some canisters and garlic presses!

We've been living together for over a year, so it's not like we were missing any essential item from our life. We had sheets, towels, knickknacks, cookware, silverware, etc. But now we have some much nicer sheets and towels, some additional knickknacks, and we're upgrading silverware, drinkware, cookware -- it just sort of makes me want to upgrade everything all at once. Matching dishes! Service for 20! Tableclothes and placemats and cloth napkins, oh my!

I think the worst is over. I still have about $25 on a Target gift card, but we'll use that at some point. We also have a whopping $2.25 on a BB&B gift card, but I had HAD it with the store by the time I realized that and I would have paid them $2.25 to let me leave, so I'll just carry it around and next time I happen by one, I'll pop in for some candy or something. Or not, and I'll call it a wash. I used up all my Swagbucks giftcards on Amazon. We still have a few "non-denominational" gift cards and one for Best Buy, which Peanut can spend to his liking. And we'll spend maybe $200 out of pocket at the Bowery Restaurant Supply to upgrade all of our cookware -- hopefully next weekend.

And then, I would like to be done shopping until Christmas. Seriously. It's not really in my nature to be a shopaholic, but once I get started I get a little crazed. I hardly recognize myself, even though so far we haven't spent any actual cash money, just gift cards. Who is this person who finds herself trolling Amazon just for funzies?


  1. I guess it's like tattoos. When you start getting one (or one item in your case), you want another.

    Lifestyle upgration? Inflation + Upgrading? :)

  2. Or like Lays Stax....I can never stop after just one serving. I try to keep away from them.

    I think it "helps" though that you're not actually spending your own money. Gift cards are meant to be spent! So try not to be too hard on yourself. (As long as the trolling stops once the cards run out!)

    By the way, not sure if I said it before, but Congrats on the marriage!

  3. I'm the same way! Once I start buying things, I'm in that shopping mindset and want to buy more and more things.

  4. I like the idea of shopping adventures in NY!

  5. I like the idea of shopping adventures in NY!


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