Sunday, October 24, 2010

No Spend Days

I would really like to get to the point of having no-spend days on a regular basis. It's not something we've been focused on, and as a result, we don't have many.

Granted, we're not, like, going shopping. Our spend days are typically when we spend money at the grocery store or something. We don't tend to do all of our grocery shopping in one lump trip once a week, but instead pick up a few staples at the beginning of the week and then get milk, produce, and other items as needed.

Peanut points out that no-spend days don't make much sense. We won't really be spending less money, just spending the same amount all at one time. Still, it would make keeping our spreadsheet up to date a little easier. And I'd probably end up paying all the bills on the same day, instead of how I do it now, as they come in.

But as with paying off debts in the smallest-to-largest balance, I like the idea of immediate feedback, of seeing all those days were I'm NOT spending money just pile up. It sort of reinforces the idea that I'm being frugal, in a way.

Do you focus on no-spend days, or do you figure as long as you're not shopping for the sake of shopping, you're doing okay?


  1. I haven't focused on no spend days in awhile but then again I haven't really been tracking my spending. It does motivate you though when you can realize all the no spend days you could have had if you haven't bought a soda pop, coffe, etc.

  2. I wouldn't say I "focus" on no spend days, but I'm happy when they happen. It definitely motivates me to get home and update my spending post with a "NO SPEND DAY." And though Peanut is right that you'd technically be spending it all in one lump sum instead of spreading it out, I usually buy things at the store that I wouldn't buy in one trip. For instance, if I go grocery shopping once a week, I only buy things on my list, and then I'm done. If I go again, let's say to pick up kitty litter - well, I might pick up a candy bar too or some other little expense that I wouldn't have had if I just bought the kitty litter on the same day as my big trip. So I think they help.

  3. I recently posted about just the same thing. I don't personally believe in no spend days, because impulse buys aren't really too much of a problem for us. We grocery shop and gas up once a week (sometimes more if we shop for meat/produce separately), and like you I pay bills when they come in.

  4. I'm with eemusings.

    I don't believe in no spend days because I'll spend the cash anyway.

    What we hate though, is going back to the grocery store when we've forgotten something, so BF (and I say "we" in my head), makes a grocery list and picks up the food we need on the list for meal planning each week.

    I just pick up the extras I want to eat like salmon.

    For me, as long as I don't impulse spend, I don't see the point of no spend days... although I do need some new hard drives :S

  5. I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. Just like I said about my budget - it's not about staying under budget in certain categories so much as it is about keeping my spending under control. If you can keep your spending under control without no spend days, then I think you're fine. I view no spend days like days without smoking if you were a smoker trying to quit. If you're a shopper trying to quit, count 'em up. If shopping isn't a "problem" for you, it's not as important to count them (though if you like to count them, power to you).

  6. I love the idea of no spend days, but then I hardly ever spend money on a daily basis.


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