Tuesday, October 5, 2010

September Recap/October Goals

September Goals
1. Get married! Done! And I did in a low-stress way (at least for me).

2. Have a wonderful, under-budget honeymoon. Done! It was wonderful AND under budget, which makes it like twice as good.
3. Deal with all paperwork relating to changing my name. I don't know why I thought I could do this before we got back from the honeymoon, but I gathered a lot of links and set myself up nicely to handle it in October.
4. Combine finances. In progress! Literally (bank accounts, health insurance) and figuratively (spending tracker, spreadsheets).
5.  Dump a pile of money on student loans. More to come on this!
6. Update blog to show the new direction we're going in. I didn't even get close to this. Onward!
October Goals
1. Wrap up elements of getting married. Change my name everywhere (DMV, Social Security/IRS, and banks to go), combine all bank accounts and close old ones, send thank you cards, donate dress, buy remaining registry items.
2. Develop married budget and savings sub-accounts. Big plans...secret plans. Secret until I get around to writing about them, anyway. 
3. Catch up at work. Being gone for two weeks wreaked havoc on my office. Time to buckle down -- and I've got no schoolwork or wedding planning to distract me!
4. Get my diploma. Once again, Graduate School of the Paperwork Maelstrom strikes again -- my diploma was supposed to show up in September, or at least a letter telling me when and where to get it, and it didn't, and now my student account shows that I never applied for graduation. And this despite receiving TWO graduation audits in July and August which proved that I was MORE than eligible. And being told to look for that letter. I shouldn't be surprised really, as they've managed to somehow screw up, make a mistake, destroy, or otherwise fumble some paperwork every single semester. I can't wait to be done with these people. 

5. Declutter and stock up. Peanut and I will be purchasing some additional items off our registry, and as we do that, I want to do some heavy duty cleaning and decluttering. 
Not-so-new monthly feature: New Year's Resolution Recap
1. Max out a Roth IRA automatically. Underway!
2. Pay down at least half my student loan debt. I've paid $7,400 towards a ~$20,000 debt.
3. Give to charity. I have a Goodwill donation pile that I STILL need to take in.
4. Finish graduate school while maintaining a 3.86 GPA and turn in my thesis early. Done! My diploma is ready for pick-up the day after the wedding.  Ha! Right.
5. Read more than 100 books. Done!
6. Cultivate a more positive attitude. Doing quite well right now.
7. Take the stairs whenever possible. Oh, please.
8. Seven minutes of yoga per day. Pshaw.
9. Develop a regular posting schedule for my "real name" blog. Still not updating that one anymore. I need to cancel and delete it.
10. Make less of an impact. Taking cloth bags more often -- we actually started to get very low on plastic bags, which we use for garbage bags. I'm also making sure to wash my grocery bags now!


  1. I'm kind of curious to hear how the name changing goes. I'm not real excited to be changing my name, and a lot of that has to do with the literal act of getting it changed so many places.

  2. I love that you're donating your dress! :) I had such fun doing this. Instead of being stuck in my closet for 30 years, my dress is being loved by someone else.

    Also good to know that universities seem to be screw-ups no matter where you live. I deal with the same kind of stuff from our university, and it drives me insane. Good luck getting it all straightened out!

  3. @The Modern Gal -- I'll have to do a namechange post. I did the most gruesome ones this morning (standing in line at the DMV...ugh!) and have only a few more that require those documents before I'm done.

    @Red -- where did you donate your dress? I'm planning to send mine to the Making Memories Foundation.


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