Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I hated those biodegradable bags for SunChips -- and so did lots of other people. The company has stopped making them and will investigate other options.They truly were horrible -- Peanut and I stopped buying them after I got such headaches from opening them. Consumer power!


  1. As annoying as those bags were, at least they were biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Now the chip company will either come up with a different environmentally friendly option or will resort to the same old bags all other chip brands use. We may lose the annoying bags, but the environment will probably lose out in the end too. All because of some annoying noise? Doesn't feel like a win to me.

  2. I believe they're still going to work on something that's environmentally friendly. It wasn't just an annoying noise -- one online video that I saw measure the decibel level of the noise the bag was putting out, and it was enough to cause hearing damage!

    One thing I didn't like about the ads for the environmentally friendly bags was that they seemed to be giving people permission to litter. "Oh, don't worry if you forget to take your trash with you -- in eighteen months, it'll biodegrade!" Yeah, but what about the people who have to look at your litter for the next year and a half? Why not just be responsible and clean up after yourself?

  3. I agree with Red it feels like a big loss to me. Just open the bag a little away from your ears and dump them in a bowl. Easy don't see a problem. Sad that people can't make simple changes to help the environment.

  4. Well, it also turns out that the bag doesn't decompose the way SunChips advertises it. Now I'm even more in favor of them either redesigning it to ACTUALLY be environmentally friendly (and quieter) or to stop encouraging people to litter with it.


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