Monday, November 8, 2010

Chores by gender

Cate's recent post over at Liberal Simplicity got me thinking about how Peanut and I divide up chores. It's not strictly on a gender basis, but more along the lines of who likes what. Here's a breakdown:

Peanut's chores
* Cooking
* Floors
* Growing stuff
* Grocery shopping
* Systems administrator
* Co-Chief Financial Officer

My chores
* Washing dishes
* General bathroom/kitchen
* Straightening
* Dusting
* Laundry
* Grouter and caulker of things that need to be grouted and caulked
* Customer service dealer-wither
* Co-Chief Financial Officer

This is a little simplistic -- sometimes I go to the grocery store, and Peanut doesn't need to do as much straightening because he usually puts stuff away as soon as he's done using it and doesn't leave it scattered about. Also, sometimes I cook and sometimes he does dishes. In fact, I have been shirking my dish-doing duty lately as he's at home all day working freelance and I'm out in the corporate world and somehow that seemed fair (but it's not). I do a little more of the scrubby-clean work because I get tweaked out by dirt earlier than Peanut does.

I'm interested to see how our future chores break down along gender lines.We don't have a car or a yard at this point. I've taken an automechanics class and love working on cars. I had to mow my parents' 2 acre yard as a kid, but I don't like it as a chore. I'm not really sure about his preferences for those outdoor chores that we don't currently have.

How do you divide up chores with the people you live with, whether they're a roommate or a significant other?


  1. This is almost exactly how the Modern Love Machine and I split things up, except I'm one to grow things, and he takes care of our yard.

  2. After Mr. Red moved in, we had a talk about which chores we liked the most. He does the vacuuming and cleans the kitchen. I dust and clean the bathroom. We try to wash our own dishes so they don't pile up. No official cooking duties because - before he was fired - we were never home to eat together. Plus, he's such a picky eater that he doesn't want to eat the stuff I like anyway. Oh, and I handle all the bills, but that should be changing after the new year. :)

  3. I do the work inside the house. He does the work outside. I buy the groceries he pays more bills a month. I take the cars to work to get the oil changes done as I get get it done cheaper then buying the oil and filter. If I go to bed earlier as my shift requires he finishes up what I was doing. IE: Turning off dishwasher or putting the laundry from the washer to the dryer.

  4. Just ran across this, thought it might be of interest:


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