Saturday, November 13, 2010

Growing up

Paranoid Asteroid, Fabulously Broke, and Give Me Back My Five Bucks are talking about how they all feel out of place and out of touch with people just slightly younger than them or even their own age. They don't get the shows (Jersey Shore) or the music (Justin Beiber) or living paycheck to paycheck and they're busy worrying about 401(k) contributions and care more about getting enough sleep than staying out on the town. These things make them feel insecure, awkward, and strangely juvenile.

To which I say: welcome to adulthood! Just in the last year or so I realized: grown-ups played a huge joke on us when we were kids. They seemed to have everything figured out all the time, and it turns out they totally didn't! My mom -- even my grandma -- doesn't feel like an adult yet. They still don't know what they want to be when they grow up. They worried about things like retirement and paying bills because if they didn't, no one else was going to. When I was a kid, I thought 23 was SO OLD. Seriously. I thought if I wasn't married by 23, it would be totally over for me, who would want such a hag after the age of *gasp* 24??!?!?!

Turns out I got married just six months before I leave my twenties behind forever, and I still feel like a kid who shouldn't be allowed to dress herself in the morning. I've been on my own for almost a decade and I've got more street smarts than my own mother. I can manage money and stand up for myself and define my life however I want, and with that comes the insecurity of being allowed to manage money and stand up for myself and define my life however I want.

So basically, PF pals, we're all doing exactly okay. We'll probably feel this wonder at being out of touch with the "youth of today" for the rest of our lives. We'll might always feel like at any moment someone will "catch" us playing at grown-ups and send us back to study hall. And that's exactly how it's supposed to be. All the other adults feel that way too, so we're doing it just right.

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  1. Actually for me, it is more that I feel older than my real age than I feel younger than my real age.

    I have my life in order, things pretty much figured out with room for flexibility and I don't get the younger attitudes of my generation that seem to pervasive and prevalent, seeing as I always felt like I was at least 10 years older than many.


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