Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Spending Review

Regular day job income: $5,512.80
Misc Income: $2,201.10 (Pinecone payments, interest, refund of deposit from bakery)
Total income: $7,733.90

401(k) $295.40 pre tax (company matches that at 50%)

Total Retirement savings: $443.10

Debt Repayment
Student loans $616.68

Alcohol $17.80 (I'm going to start breaking this out from my food spending -- it's all my consumption, Peanut doesn't drink)
Business expenses $2,862.06 (Peanut's new computer--deductible)
Clothing $142.30
Dance Expense $25
Electronics $10.95 (canned air)
Entertainment $6 (Peanut found video games on sale!)
Food—dining out $287.34
Food—groceries $191.10
Gifts $92.94 (flowers for my mom's birthday, plus a few great deals on generic chocolate type gifts)
Household $19.67
Hygiene/Medical $85.97 (Two co-pays for the dermatologist and one flu shot -- all reimbursable, plus some hair stuff)
Laundry $20 (MUCH better than last month!)
Rent $1,444.69
Transportation $40 (Peanut's metrocard)
Utilities $332.57 (Peanut upgraded his phone, but will get the full $100 as a rebate)
Wedding $107.85 (photo albums for parents)

Total spending: $5,686.24

Networth IQ updated (see sidebar).We're so close to a $50,000 net worth! I wonder if we can achieve that by the end of 2010?


  1. I think your total income should read $7,733.90, not $5,733.90.

  2. Also, your net worth is so close! What a milestone :D


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