Wednesday, November 10, 2010

random PF updates from Casa Moneybags

* Open enrollment is here! I need to sit down and take a look at the damage -- I overheard some coworkers talking about how our part of the premiums have gone up, so I'm prepared for a surprise.
* Peanut spent $2,500 on the fanciest computer I've ever seen in my life. He needs it for his freelance work and it's tax-deduction but wowza. It cost twice as much as my car.
* My wedding dress donation is now costing me bank fees. I sent a check from my personal account along with my dress to cover the costs of cleaning and processing, and six weeks later they still haven't cashed it. I transferred my direct deposit over to our joint checking account shortly after we got married (because I didn't think it would take a non-profit six weeks to cash a check!), and now my personal acount bank is charging me $12 a MONTH for not having direct deposit. I've contacted the foundation several times to make sure that a) they received the package and b) that they plan to cash the check soon. I can't close the account because I KNOW that there's an outstanding check, so I'm stuck paying $12 a month until the foundation gets their act together. Grrrr.
* Next week, Peanut and I are attending a personal finance seminar hosted by a CFP in our neighborhood. It's designed to go over things like how much insurance you need, how to make sure you've got the right withholdings on your taxes, estate planning, and saving for retirement vs. kids' college. I'm sure he's trying to drum up new business, but hey -- Peanut and I were looking for someone to talk to about these very things as well as taxes for his freelance work. Kismet!


  1. Can you cancel the cheque and send them a money order? Also - charging for not having direct deposit? That's the craziest thing I think I've ever heard.

  2. What computer did he get? :)

    There are some pretty slick ones out there.

  3. I know, I need to check out open enrollment as well.... not looking forward to the new premiums!

    Yes, do tell what kind of computer he got!

    Also, what a good idea going to see the CFP. Sometimes I feel like I know everything there is to know about PF, but I bet I would learn a ton if I ventured out and got different information from different people.

  4. Yeah, M spent a lot on his comp too... $3500? He's spent a lot in the past, but this was a new high! Did Peanut get an Alienware?

    Do the changes you make in open enrollment go into effect on January 1st? It's been so long since I've had benefits that I can't remember...

  5. @payingmyself -- cancelling the check would cost me $35, so I'm better off leaving it open for two months more of fees before I go that route.

    Peanut got computer pieces and built his own machine. I don't know the brands but it's definitely a swanky deal.

    @Sunflowers -- yes, our benefits go into effect January 1. This isn't the case at all companies, though -- it depends on how they run their fiscal year. It's probably the most common set up, I bet.

  6. So Peanut was surprised that everyone was asking about his computer -- if you're interested in all the specs, let me know and I'll get them from him. I do know it's two 2-terabyte drives on a RAID system, so basically huge and awesome for back-ups.

    He also said if this were an out-of-the-box computer, it would have cost $5,300 -- and he got it for around $2,600. He's amazing!

  7. Do you currently have a financial planner, or do you and Peanut do all your investing on your own?

  8. We do not have a financial planner at this time -- we have our Roth IRAs in target date funds at Vanguard and Fidelity. Fidelity at least provides some in-person advising service which we've both taken advantage of at different times.

    We're not currently looking for a whole lot of financial planning advice -- really just some guidance on how to handle Peanut's new freelance situation in regards to taxes. Some day when I'm able to max out my 401(k) and Peanut has a SEP IRA or if we have additional money to invest outside of retirement, we'll want a "real" financial planner.


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