Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding stuff

Got one CD of photos in -- one more to go! It's hard to tell the overall picture at this point since we have a random half of the pictures. Did I mention on here that our photographer team has split up since our wedding and apparently aren't talking to each other anymore? So I've been speaking to them separately, as they each had different sets of photos.

Anyway, I got one CD and no complaints, and then I found a Groupon deal for today for a $50 deal at Mixbooks photobook printing site for only $15. I've been collecting all sorts of deals and coupon codes for this, since our deal with our photographers was only for CDs with a non-commercial license for printing. So I'm on my way to having a complete set of wedding pictures by Christmas.

I'm also hoping to get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly -- watch for a review if I get it!

And lastly, check out the guy who wrote a bunch of letters to companies asking for free products -- and what he got! So neat. People write to me at work all the time asking for free books. I love how organized he was with his spreadsheets. I love spreadsheets!

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