Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend update

This article at RowdyKittens reminds me of a random toddler who greeted us with a huge smile and a wave while we walked to brunch with some friends yesterday. So cute!
This morning I went to the doctor -- and I got stitches for the first time in my life! This is the appointment I made to use up some flex spending dollars -- I wound up getting a mole removed and sent in for a biopsy. I don't expect anything to turn up, but the mole had been bothering me and now it's gone (and so is $25 of my flex spending money, yay!). I have another appointment next week to remove the stitches and do a full-body skin cancer screening, and might have a copay for the lab tests. I don't think I've successfully used up $300 with these appointments, but I did take care of something that needed to get done and maybe spent around a third of the money that needs to be spent.
I also got a flu shot last week, but it turns out my health insurance covers that 100%. I have really good health insurance -- which I'm not keeping for next year. I looked at the open enrollment details that my coworkers were complaining about, and the premiums are almost doubling, from $57 to $98 per pay period. Peanut and I just can't justify that -- we have enough in savings to semi self-insure by dropping to the lowest tier health insurance, which has a $1,500 annual deductible and covers 75% after that up to $4,000 max out of pocket per person. My annual physical remains covered at 100% and my prescription coverage doesn't change, so it would only come into play for unusual illnesses or an accident. We'll be saving $40 a month by dropping down to this plan, and it doesn't seem like we'll really be losing anything.
I may not contribute to the flexible spending account next year. All annual checkups (doctor and dentist) are covered at 100%. OTC medications will no longer be covered thanks to the new healthcare plan. I don't anticipate needing additional dental work. My birth control prescriptions come in under the $100 minimum contribution, and I'm not sure we could spend enough to actually save anything. I'll be calling my dentist to get his opinion before I make my final decision (and to see if there's anything I can get done in 2010) but I think we'll be skipping this option this year.
When Peanut and I meet with the certified financial planner this week, I'll be asking about life insurance -- my company provides a policy equal to my annual salary for no cost, but I wonder if that's enough, and what our other options are. I've never really looked into this before -- I've never had someone else's financial life tied up in mine, and Debt Ninja's recent post got me thinking about that. Any other married people care to weigh in?
When I make my final 2011 open enrollment decisions and lock them in, I'll post an update on how things will lok!


  1. I have a small $15,000 life insurance policy through my employer. I know that will be enough to cremate me, and that's all I'm worried about. Luckily, Mr. Red and I have no joint debt, and our expenses are so minimal that, given that he's employed at the time of my death, I know he can afford the apartment and bills without my income. And all of my debt will be discharged upon my death, so having a bigger life insurance policy isn't a concern for us.

  2. We didn't really worry about extra life insurance until we had kids, when the death of a spouse has more weight.

    But really, it's so cheap to get, it doesn't hurt. (And your employee's plan sounds really generous. Mine only offers $5000)


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