Friday, December 3, 2010

Close call

Last weekend, Peanut and I paid all our bills, including our student loans. I realized that I could close my ING account as soon as my student loan payment went through -- and then I realized that I better update the banking information so that next month I wouldn't do what I did with my credit card and try to make a payment with defunct account information. So I logged back in and updated my bank account information.
I didn't realize that doing that canceled the payment I had still pending.
Luckily, I checked in today to see whether things had cleared so I could close ING, and went digging when I saw that it hadn't. Lucky because today is the last day I can make a payment without being late, and I need 12 months of on-time payments to qualify for $250 in rebates.
ING account closed, student loan payment made, disaster averted. This is why I try to stay on top of my finances on a near-daily, at minimum weekly, basis.

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