Friday, December 31, 2010

December Recap/January Goals

December Goals
1. Cancel Christmas. Done! This was the least stressful Christmas I've ever had. We spent $150 on all gifts and postage, didn't travel (and therefore didn't get caught in the blizzard), and had a lovely time together. I might do this every year!

2. Create sub-savings accounts. Done! One for travel to visit family, one for gifts, one for emergency fund, and one for student loan payoff.

3. Really, truly finish wedding stuff. So close - I'm still waiting on a few photo prints to arrive in the mail, and also for one of the photographers to send me the last of our pictures (why would they only send black and white pics of the photobooth? What's the point of that?). Once those files come in, I can share them with all our family and friends and be done.

4. Cancel Victoria's Secret credit card. Oops -- forgot about this one! I'll add it to January. 

5. For reals, use up my flex spending money. Well, I spent it, but I haven't been reimbursed. I've been fighting with the flex spending company for nearly two weeks -- they've denied the claim based on an error in their records, but my HR dept is on my side so hopefully this will get taken care of next week when everyone's back from the holidays.

January Goals
1. Cancel Victoria's Secret credit card.

2. Work on my resolutions -- that's enough goals for one month. :)

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