Monday, December 27, 2010

Gifting Up: Revisited

Last week I asked do you give gifts to your boss(es) -- and you answered! Turns out most people don't, unless you have a special relationship with your boss.

Here's my answer: I don't. My boss and I have a great relationship, and she's always given me a little something, but a few years ago (just as things were getting really bad with the economy) she came by and told me emphatically not to give her anything for Christmas (this was just after a coworker gave her something quite fancy). She said the thought was lovely but the best gift I could give was to make sure I was financially stable, especially with the economy imploding all around us and our industry looking very dire. She also said that she had everything she needed, and as long as I kept showing up to work, she was happy. So I don't give her a gift. I give her a card every year, and a thank-you card for the chocolates or lotion or whatever she gives me, but I don't buy her a present.

I make sure to keep my relationships with my coworkers in the non-gifting range as well -- even the ones I'm good friends with outside of work. I suggest a group lunch or drinks instead of Stuff, something we can all enjoy but that won't clutter up our lives -- and typically something where it's easier for people to pay what they want (by drinking fewer drinks or suggesting a cheap restaurant). I do always give to hat collections for our support staff, but I just don't buy individual gifts for anyone at work.

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  1. I totally agree with this. However, I've always found myself in a Secret Santa situation or a work pool situation where I don't have to really worry about individual gifts. In the past, I would never even give a card, but I think I may start doing that.


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