Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Owning vs. renting

Well, this list makes me never want to own a home.

Seriously, all my complaints about renting an apartment in a big building (noise from other neighbors, heat I can't control, no dishwasher or washing machine) pale in comparison to the things I love about living in a big building. Here's a partial list of things I love:

* someone will fix paint, toilets, leaks, cracks, breaks, appliances that stop working, and pest control. All I have to do is make a phone call.

* neighbors that are awesome who let me pet their kitties and share kitchens for big brunches.

* heat and hot water included in my rent.

* no yard work.

* no obligation beyond a lease -- which is totally breakable. If we want to up and move, we can.

I think I'll stick with renting for a while longer, thanks.


  1. We own our home in the UK and it does need repairs...all the time. i'm so tempted when we move abroad to just rent; I like the freedom of movement renting offers.

  2. You and me both.

    I don't want to deal with any maintenance, being tied down to a place and the cost of it all. I'd rather rent and be able to switch to a cheaper or closer place if it gets inconvenient.

  3. I have major, MAJOR anxiety issues when it comes to owning a home. My husband is all gung ho about it. I mean, he's not saving up yet, but he talks about it like he wants to do it SOON. Meanwhile, I want to rent... For the foreseeable future. It's the money, the maintenance... Yuck! Apartment living is just so easy. Someone else takes care of all the problems, and I just have to pay rent each month.

    But I do want to know... Why can't you control your heat?

  4. I forgot to mention... number 20 on that list is another big one for me. Personally, I'd like a small home with just the amount of space we need and no more. But potential buyers in the future want bigger than what I'll want. So, another anxiety-producing question - should we consider only our own wants or should we focus more on being able to sell the home? Is it completely unrealistic to want to buy a home that we could retire in? Bah! I've got to stop thinking about this. ;)

  5. We live in an older building in NYC which is heated through one boiler. While we have two radiators we can turn on and off, we leave them turned off all year long. There are pipes that go through each room to provide heat to the floor above us, and they radiate enough heat to heat(sometimes over-heat) our entire apartment. It's not unheard of to keep some windows cracked to keep it comfortable.

    I'm not complaining *too much* though. I've lived in buildings here that weren't kept warm enough, and that's far more miserable than sweating a bit.

  6. Your list is all negatives. You about some positives of home ownership! I'm doing it at 23!

    @ Red. In terms of having a smaller home and selling it in the future. Smaller homes are always in demand. Weather it be other future first time home buyers. OR people who are retired looking to downsize.

    Its not hard just be ready to play ball and do a lot of good research. Plus get a GREAT real estate agent not just a GOOD one.

  7. Not having to make your own repairs and the option of mobility are big bonuses when renting. Someday I want to own my own home, but for now, I'm perfectly happy paying rent and saving money on repairs and the cost of utilities.


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