Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blogger vs. Wordpress

Okay, blogger friends. Talk to me about the differences between Wordpress and Blogger.

Thing the first: I wanted to do a neat little 2010 round up of all my traffic and whatnot for 2010, but Blogger tells me I had no pageviews before May of 2010. If you have not noticed, I've been blogging since 2007, so that's weird. Most of you with those fancy year-end stats posts have been using Wordpress, I noticed.

Thing the second: Blogger has been a pain in my derriere regarding social network sharing at the footer of posts. If you look on my actual blog pages, you will now see such a thing, but that literally took me three weeks to set up. Why? I don't know. It's pretty easy, right there in the back end of things. But it would. not. show. up. Now it's showing there, but not in the RSS feed or feedburner email service. It's there on the back end. But not showing up in the posts. Am I doing something wrong? Does Wordpress handle this more gracefully? I want you to be able to tweet me!

Thing the third: I really like that Blogger is attached to Gmail and AdSense and all that. Is Wordpress awesome enough to make up for that?

Thing the fourth: I tried Wordpress for my now-defunct real-name blog last year and found the back end very confusing. Any suggestions?

Thing the fifth: transferring a blog from Blogger to Wordpress. Am I just crazy-pants?

I've already registered Little Miss Moneybags over there, so that's not a worry. But the rest -- what do you use for blogging? Why is it awesome? Should I stick with Blogger or move to Wordpress?


  1. I've used both. Wordpress >>>>>>>>> Blogger. Not comparison.

    It's not hard to swith. Should be an export/import option on your dashboard where you download a zipped file of your "blog" which you then upload to your new wordpress.com blog under the export/import option ... should be pretty simple.

    Good luck!

  2. Whoops I meant ... "no" comparison. :)

  3. I like Wordpress but I'm self-hosted on my own domain, so that means that I might have access to other things that you don't if you go with Wordpress.com (which is a free service like Blogger)

    That said, the plugins are incredible. I love TweetMeme, IntenseDebate.. these are all great things that would still be able to go into Blogger, just only if you know and like HTML.

    Good luck!

  4. Are you talking self-hosted Wordpress or Wordpress.com?

    For me, WP (self hosted) is light-years ahead of Blogger. There's so much more I can do. Yes, there is more upkeep and more of a learning curve, but the benefits outweigh that easily.

    I was on Blogger for about 6 months and I wish I switched to WP earlier.

  5. If you go to wordpress make sure you self host otherwise you'll find that there is a lot that you cannot do. I'm just discovering this after switching over from blogger. That being said, the switch was super easy and worth it. I had the same problems with blogger and I'm glad I moved to wordpress.


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