Monday, January 24, 2011

Carnival of Personal Finance is now up

Living Richly on a Budget hosts this week's Carnival of Personal Finance; my video game post is included.

Other articles I loved there were 11 Things I've Never Heard Anyone Regret and 12 Meaningless Time Easters in Your Day.

Over at Casa Moneybags, Peanut and I are stumbling around fatigued and sleep-deprived. The boiler in our building malfunctioned last night, and while the heat remained on, the pipes clanged at startling volume every twenty minutes...all night long. Imagine being awakened on such a consistent basis by a large man standing next to your head beating a pipe with a hammer. That's what last night was for us. I can now legitimately imagine what it might be like to have a newborn.

The problem seems to have been fixed during the day, which is good. There was no getting away from that sound in any corner of the apartment and earplugs + pillows over the head did nothing to dampen it.

I spent today at a conference about digital publishing, which I found mostly fascinating and then tremendously boring when my second workshop presenter had us do a 20-minute breakout session that lasted for over an hour. Bored and freezing, I left early and went shopping. I got such a fabulous deal on jeans at the Gap that the sales clerk asked where I'd found them. They were marked down 60% and then were an additional 50% off after that -- so I got two pairs of nice comfy jeans for $23 total. Yes! Best of all, I spent no "real" money on them, as I used a gift card left over from Christmas.

I might have them taken in slightly -- they're flared, which I'm normally fine with, but I was hoping for something I could tuck into my boots, and these won't. Even if I get them altered, they'll be cheaper than even one pair at normal price.

Here's hoping for a sleep-intensive night before the rest of my week. I might go to bed right after posting this!

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