Friday, January 21, 2011


Check out the Festival of Frugality #263 over at Free From Broke -- "Brunch!" is included.
Small Notebook describes her "perpetual giveaway box" -- Peanut and I do this, too. Right now, we have only one thing there, but any time we have something to get rid of, we drop it in a specific place and then anytime we head towards Goodwill or the Salvation Army store, we take it with us.

World of Wealth heard radio DJs talking about how you shouldn't ask how much your boyfriend makes. I couldn't disagree harder. I still remember the conversation Peanut and I had about how much we each make and then another where we showed each other our spreadsheets. Since it's so important to a healthy relationship to be on the same page about money (whether or not you join finances) how can you NOT share this detail?

A great round up of tax time tips from MoneyNing. In general, the answer to "Do I have to report X?" is always YES!
FB talks about culling your RSS feeds at Everyday Minimalist. I LOVE the trial folder idea and I've totally implemented it. 

A fascinating paper on the correlation between money and happiness. It turns out that money CAN buy happiness, in small increments -- so why doesn't it? The answer: because people are spending it the wrong way.

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