Friday, January 28, 2011


The key to happiness, according to the Huffington Post: play.

I followed the author of that post to his blog home, where I found this gem of a post: why effort is key to satisfaction.

Did I mention that I recently won a crockpot? I did! One of the first recipes that I'm going to make: homemade apple or pear sauce.

A very cute blog header tutorial! (via MoneySaving Mom) I'm going to need to take some new pictures, but I think I might do one of those myself.

Small Steps for Big Change details the preview night of Financial Peace University. She shares an anecdote it took me a while to learn -- a woman focused on building her emergency fund has her car break down, and she complains to Dave that she doesn't know how she'll pay to fix it. He says, "But don't you have an emergency fund now?" Ding! That's what the money's being saved for!!!

There've been a few times in my life when I needed to break into my emergency fund -- to fly home on a next-day ticket or whatever. It feels weird to spend the money and not care about the price, but that's truly what it's there for.

Sponsored Facebook posts turn your profile into an ad space for which you're not compensated. I can see how someone thought this was a good idea, but I sincerely hope that the rest of the world disagrees and refuses to post brand names into their Facebook statuses. I pledge to make fun of any friends of mine doing this.

Miss Minimalist gives up perfume. I have a number of bottles of perfume and body spray that I don't use because Peanut's sensitive to the smell and I forget to use them. But her point about toxic chemicals made me think maybe I should just give them to Goodwill -- I'm never going to use them anyway. Do you use perfumes or scents?

mnmlist is not a brewer. I think that might be how I eventually quit my job.

Your 1099s may be late this year. Our tax paperwork has been trickling in -- so far we've received what we were expecting from salaried and freelance work, but not from banks. Maybe we can go ahead and estimate based on our own records (since we track interest as income) and not wait for them to show up.

The Frugal Girl details five blogging mistakes -- one of which is choosing Blogger over Wordpress. Hmmm. You all were pretty unanimous that I should switch in my recent post and I'm thinking more about that. 


  1. Thanks for the apple/pear sauce link - looks delicious!

  2. I had not heard that about Facebook. Crazy.

    It really is so hard to dig in to the E-fund sometimes. Saving it and protecting become such a strong instinct.

    Thanks for the link love!


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