Friday, January 28, 2011

Paying for classes

I've been struggling the last few weeks, wanting to go to dance or yoga classes but really not wanting to spend money to do so. Doing a practice at home has never worked out well for me, but I think I finally figured out my reluctance to part with cash for classes -- around the time Peanut and I got married, we decided to focus on paying our student loans back on a really tight timetable, and we cut out all extraneous spending, specifically including those classes. Our goals and plans have changed at least twice since then, but I'm still feeling guilty about wanting to spend money on these classes. Maybe I should rethink that.

We're not being hardcore in other ways -- like brunch and haircuts -- so why deprive myself of something that would actually be good for my health? There's a yoga studio not far from me with $5 classes -- one or two a week is quite cheap. Dance classes, at $17 a pop, are a bit harder to justify but if I perform at all this year I can write the cost off on my taxes.

I've talked before about being an underbuyer -- someone who almost-but-not-quite deprives herself of things that are, if not necessary, legitimate purchases. I've committed a number of the underbuyer criteria in Gretchen's post this week alone (run out of deodorant, talked myself out of a purchase for now, gone shopping for something seasonal after it's mostly sold out). Personal care costs, like yoga classes or (heaven forbid!) a gym membership, definitely fall prey to my underbuying tendencies.

But I'm worth it! Yoga helps me feel better physically and emotionally. It helps balance my life. I work hard for my money but I can't take it with me -- why not spend just a little on improving my life now?

I think I'll pay for a yoga class this coming week. Now, to make time for it...


  1. A $5 yoga class seems like a good start. Take one and then go from there.

  2. I've made a lot more room in my budget over the past couple years and... it is ok. I still cringe at the thought of my gym membership, even though it is a measly $30/mo when a nice gym is upwards of $80-$100.

    A $5 yoga class? Do it!

  3. I think paying five bucks for a class is perfectly acceptable. I myself plan on figuring out a way to afford zumba classes for 10 bucks a class. I think investing in your health is very important. :)


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