Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolution 7: Declutter

The seventh of my eleven New Year's Resolutions is to declutter, ideally getting rid of about 30% of what we own.

I did pretty good in 2010 but we still have excess stuff. I would like to own nothing I do not find to be beautiful or know to be useful, particularly in my closet. Given that we plan to leave New York within the next few years, it makes sense to get rid of stuff now rather than wait until D-day.

Using the "beautiful and useful" mantra will also keep me from buying lots of superfluous stuff, because really -- how often do you LOVE the things that you're buying, as opposed to just finding them okay?

Specific areas to focus on include:
  • My filing cabinet
  • My bookshelves
  • My closet


  1. I like the mantra! I think decluttering is something we all need to do

  2. Have you heard of the 100 Thing Challenge? I think you would like it:

  3. I so, so need to declutter. 30% sounds pretty solid, how will you measure it?

  4. @Jenna, I have heard of the 100 Thing Challenge. It's an interesting idea, but I decided to limit myself to a subjective "beautiful or useful" measurement rather than a number count because I love more than 100 things. :)

    @Daisy, I will probably not be super specific with the measuring but I'll do things like One In, One Out for clothes and other items and I will actively try to get rid of at least a third of my physical books. 30% is not impossible, won't make me feel deprived, but would make a noticeable difference. I'm also trying to use up consumable items and not replace them -- like using up ALL the bottles of lotion or nail polish or what-have-you that I already have before purchasing more.


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