Sunday, January 9, 2011

Resolution 9: Take up a crafty hobby

The ninth of my eleven New Year's Resolutions is to take up a crafty hobby.

My mom and sister are amazingly crafty people (quilting and crocheting, respectively) and I'm jealous. I already have a sewing machine, and my mom sent me a starter kit, and I'm going with her to a quilt show in April, so I'm going to start with quilting. (I made a doll-sized quilt in high school, so I know what I'm doing at least.)

We'll see if this fizzles out the way scrapbooking did. Mainly, I want a productive hobby that allows me to create something useful that doesn't exist within the confines of a computer. I also want a hobby that allows me to do something mindless yet productive with my hands so I can catch up on some movies & TV shows I want to watch. There is a legacy of quilting in my family (including both practical quilts and award-winning decorative ones) so it will be nice to dive into that a little.

(And, at least to start, it's free. I've already got a machine, and now the fabric for a baby-sized quilt, and my mom has batting and hoops, so there's no start-up cost. Free: the best kind of hobby.)

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