Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Frugal Valentine's Day: Moneybags' Style

Here's Peanut's and my plan for a frugal Valentines Day:
Don't celebrate it.
I know! How boring and unromantic! How frugal-to-the-point-of-crazy! How LAME!
Oh, well. It works for us. Valentine's Day isn't a real holiday; it's a marketing gimmick, and it's one that reinforces gender stereotypes, encourages idealized notions of what love is, and generally perpetuates unrealistic expectations for relationships. I'd rather celebrate the life that Peanut and I share together every day in small ways, like saying thank you and speaking nicely of each other, than go out for an overpriced meal and share some overpriced chocolates afterwards. Don't even get me started on roses.
(Guess who's going to be first in line on the 15th for half-price candy, though?! Now THAT's something to love about V-day.)


  1. I'm totally on board. I don't hate Valentine's Day. I'm just incredibly indifferent toward it.

  2. Ha! you made me laugh. I am with you on this too. I have never felt that need to make Valentine's Day that perfect day.

  3. I agree with you! There's no need to spend tons to tell someone you love them. Do it everyday in small ways :)

  4. Ah, say it ain't so! Valentine's Day has been celebrated as a romantic holiday since the Middle Ages, so it's not purely made up. ;) I don't think we will be doing anything extravagant, but I did ask my bf to buy a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries on a group-buying site. 50% off baby!

  5. "I'd rather celebrate the life... every day in small ways" - so true!

    Our Vday splurge - ordering takeout pizza with the works & a bottle of wine :)

  6. I think your argument could be said for almost any holiday, including your birthday. I mean, why take one day to celebrate your birth when you can spend every day celebrating it by living life to its fullest?

    I agree with you that one particular day shouldn't be just allocated to celebrating "love." And if there are people that really exist that take Valentine's Day and base their whole notion of relationships/love off of it, then they need to seek professional help immediately. However, I still like playing into the whole concept. It's nice to take a day to get nice flowers, go to a nice dinner and focus that day on celebrating love. It doesn't have to be with an SO, it could love for a family member or friend.

    My valentine this year is my best friend of 11 years. We're heading to get massages (overpriced fun, but its VDay), taking a tour of Jacques Torres chocolates (overpriced chocolates) and we're going to grab dinner and a movie. Sure I could do it on any other day, but Vday seems perfect for it!

  7. Haha Hubby and I have pretty much the same plans for Valentine's day- none! We might go out to dinner this weekend, because we only go out to dinner about once or twice a month (we'll just go to one of our "usual", reasonably priced places), but we don't do roses or overpriced chocolates or whatever else.

    I agree that it's better to spend every day trying to be nice and positive toward/about each other-great reminder!

    And I will also be at the store on the 15th, buying half-priced chocolates :) yum!!

  8. I'm totally with you - hubby and I NEVER eat out on Valentine's Day - it's such an expensive holiday that has been overhyped by merchandisers... plus, shouldn't every day be Valentine's Day ;)


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