Thursday, February 3, 2011


I kept watching and watching and just did not get a good deal on my travel plans for later this month. Prices jumped up a to higher than the $315-350 they were the last time I posted about this but I got a coupon offer for 10% off American Airline flights from Kayak, and luckily (?) my credit card company is offering 5% cashback on travel expenses this month. So I effectively got 15% off my ~$400 ticket, which is about where I was two weeks ago. I bought the ticket today as I can't imagine prices going down within the two weeks before I leave.

I also booked my rental car, and it's not absurd although it's higher than I'd like. Less than $100 for four days -- I probably could have Name My Own Price'd it down a dollar or so more per day but at this point I just wanted to get it over with. So there goes nearly $500 of my $700 travel fund just on one trip.

Well. My mother did say that my Christmas present to her was one plane ticket to come visit her. I was planning to use it for my trip in April (since that one's all about her and this one's mostly about my grandparents) but if she offers for this trip, I'll take it.

But I'm not seeing any deals for the trip two and a half months from now, either. Maybe plane ticket prices have just jumped up a lot lately and this is the new standard. Did fuel prices increase and I didn't know about it? Maybe this is the new normal and I need to just get used to it.

At any rate, the money is now spent and non-refundable, and I will be spending a lovely weekend with some family and friends, including meeting a friend's baby for the first time. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be fairly inexpensive.


  1. Gas prices for automobiles have gone up ridiculously in the past month or so, so I'm guessing that may be it with airfares too, but I haven't heard for sure.

  2. The airline industry is just awful. It's essentially bankrupt as it loses nearly $200/hr. I would say that gas prices are to blame, but you should check the taxes/fees. Sometimes there are additional things added on to the price just because.

    My friend says that if you wait until right after midnight, the prices will drop because demand is low then. I haven't tried it out. I'm assuming you used Bing to track the fares? If not, try them. They will show you the trends for at least two weeks out.

    That said, have a wonderful weekend!

  3. So glad you decided to go!

  4. Thanks, Bonnie!

    @InvestingNewbie, I had been using Farecast/Bing to track the fares. I'm rather mad at them now, though, since they steered me wrong. Their buy/wait forecast was totally off the mark for over six weeks. I'm now also using Kayak to track the same dates for my April trip.


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