Saturday, February 12, 2011

Linkfest: a day late edition

Zen Habits for a Highly Efficient Mind. I'm doing pretty good on these except for the exercise component.
J$ asks how much cash should you carry on you? I usually have somewhere between $8 and $60 on my person, but I also carry a secret $20 bill in a hidden pocket in my wallet which is for emergencies only. Starbucks is not an emergency. Groceries are not an emergency. A sale is not an emergency. This $20 is for getting me out of a bad situation -- it'll cover a cab ride from anywhere to a safe spot, if not all the way home. I have only had to use this emergency $20 once, coming home very late at night when I stumbled upon a shady situation.
The only thing that doesn't work about the whole scheme is that if I get mugged, the $20 is gone along with my purse. But it's better than keeping it in my coat pocket and losing it, or not wearing my coat when I need it. Do you carry emergency cash for such a situation?
The carnival of personal finance - 7 Deadly Sins Edition - is out. My post about space (and perspective!) is included.
17 Ways to Be the Early Bird - I hate the one about getting up earlier, but I like the rest!

Bite-sized yoga -- ways to do yoga throughout the day instead of in one giant chunk!

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